How to be Happy Again After a Loss

The memory of the experience you go through after a loss of a dearly beloved can remain in mind for long. This experience and grieving process can be so severe that people around you may not understand. The grieving can actually be more profound beyond what a friend can understand. In fact, some people have even held an opinion that life will never remain the same again after such experience. However, your life cannot be locked in the grief forever.

The grieving process has the potential to change some people’s lives forever, but some people have been able to overcome the grief and move on with their lives. Over time, people focus on the significant loss and what the grieving process has affected, but it possible to become happy again. It is possible to gain happiness beyond grief.

Loss of loved ones is unavoidable. When you are confronted with it, the kind of attitude you put up will help you to overcome the grieving process on time and move on with your life. The following are the tips that will help you heal on time and become happy again.

Remember your beloved wanted you to be happy

In your grief, also remember that your beloved who has gone wanted you to be happy. Think about that always and your heart will start getting some soothing relief.

Accept who you are now

Tell yourself the truth and accept your current condition. You were once married, your husband was working for a good company before his demise, but now that he is no more, you should accept your real condition. Once your mind recognizes and accepts your actual status, healing will come to you quickly.

Relate with people who care about you

In times of grief, identify the people who really care about you and relate with them. These people can be your friends, family members, and any other persons you derive joy in associating with.

Change your location

Sometimes, remaining in the same place you were before the loss may keep reminding you of memory that will trigger the pain and grief all over again. Changing your house or your geographical location may help you heal on time. The idea here is to help you see new things and perspectives that will encourage you to be happy.

Engage yourself in activities

Avoid always keeping to yourself and staying indoors. Take a trip, take a walk, visit recreational centers, go to the movies, visit friend etc. engaging yourself in these activities will quicken your healing process and help you to become happy again.

Objects that comfort

Some people find comfort in creating an object of comfort. Over the centuries people have made gardens, lakes and even caps, veils and quilts in memory of their lost friend or family member. Some of the newer memorial objects include: human ashes made into a diamond, or pendants with cremated ashes. Although not popular in the western world, many people in other countries find comfort in creating a shrine for the departed.

Have faith and believe in God

If you are religious, God has answers to all things. During the grieving process, there could be many questions in your mind that men cannot answers, but when you trust in God, He has a solution to every question, and he can encourage your heart and make you happy again. Those who believe in God always receive the help they need in times of grief.

Make up your mind to fully live your life

Despite the loss, tell yourself you will do everything within your power to live your life to the fullest. There is boy who lost his parents at age five, but he decided that nothing will stop him from becoming a success in life and today he is a minister of state. We also know a woman who lost her husband when she was 35 years with 3 children to cater for. She also made up her mind to move on, and today all three children are happy and successful. You too can do the same.

Go for counseling

Some people are professional counselors. Go talk to them. They have a way of helping people’s minds and emotions, and they can help you.

Know that you are not alone

Keep in mind that you are not alone in your state of grief. Many people are also facing the same or similar things you are facing. You are not alone in this wilderness of grief, so rise and encourage yourself to be happy.